We are excited we have an official opening date! It has been a long time but we have prepared for this day since closing on March 16th. We want to thank you all for your support during these hard times for all. Our staff and gym are ready to open back up safely for your return. Please note your athletes, our staff, and our ACE families health are our number one and only priority right now. Below you will see the adjusted opening dates and the activities we will be allowing in the gym. We will be starting with only individual lessons next week to ease back with our new guidelines and policies.

Monday May 11th- Individual Lesson ONLY

If you had scheduled a lesson that was cancelled due to opening later, you now have a credit on your account. Please book a new day and time to use that credit. If you would like a refund please contact us to do so. Lessons will be up starting this afternoon and we will continue to add throughout the weekend.

Monday May 18th -Classes will resume

You will continue to come to your regularly scheduled classes at this time except for the following classes which will have a future start date. Stunt class, team practices, and open gyms will not start on May 18th. If you feel you would rather not return at this time please contact Cammy to drop your class before May 18th

We have recognized the need and wishes of our family members to have access to cheer, fitness, and fun activities for not only their athletes but the entire family. We know, coming out of social distancing, everyone will have their own timeline of going back into normal activities. ACE acknowledges the excitement and trepidation with this shift therefore, we will continue to offer our virtual connection and video library access to members. We want everyone to enjoy cheerleading and we are excited to offer multiple ways to accomplish this. We will have a place for your athlete to grow in cheer from your home as long as you deem necessary.

The safety, security, and well-being of our customers, staff, and community remains our top priority. We will continue to daily monitor and follow all protocols recommended by the CDC, WHO and government.

May Classes

Classes will be offered Monday - Thursday & Saturday Classes will be 50 minutes long, using the last 10 mins to prep for the next class Classes will be limited from 6 to 8 athletes per class Athletes will have their own mats for each class and will NOT be sharing Mats will be disinfected before, after, and during each class No spotting will be allowed until stated by the State and CDC for contact of spotting to be allowed.

March Makeup Classes

Make up classes for March will now start on Saturday May 23rd. If you have scheduled any make up times for May 16th please login to your parent portal and schedule another date and time.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Instructions

Athletes will be allowed in the gym 5 mins prior to class starting at the earliest Staff will assist in letting the athletes into the gym and escorting them to and from your car when needed. We will have a drop off and pick up location and a safe area for the athletes marked off. Please do not enter until staff instructs you to enter Athletes will be immediately escorted out of the exit at the end of the class We ask that parents use caution when in the parking lot and not park at the front doors. We will help assist younger athletes to you and ask you to help in doing so as well

May Classes: Additional Information

We will not be using a lobby/waiting area nor any viewing areas

Athletes in beginner classes or under the age of 5 we will allow ONE parent in the lobby to stand and watch

Please speak to you athletes the importance of social distancing to ensure they understand the necessary measures being taken.

We ask all other parents to remain in car

Athletes and coaches only allowed in the building for all other classes

Classes will be 50 minutes long. This will allow 10 minutes for staff to direct athletes to their cars and to clean after their class

We have staff on hand to for cleaning at all times

Water fountains will not be available.

No snacks, water, or Pro Shop items will be sold.

There will be no stunting or sharing any equipment.

Athletes will exit and re-enter the gym between each class.

Doors will be propped open .

We ask that you use the restroom at home prior to attending your class.

If you use the restroom during your class, the restroom must immediately be disinfected by staff.

Only (1) water bottle and hand sanitizer will be allowed per athlete. NO BAGS!

Athletes may bring their own water bottle and small antibacterial hand sanitizer to keep with them. (Please have names marked on these items.)

Each athlete will have an area on their mat to keep their items.

The gym will be divided to ensure athletes and coaches are 6 feet apart.

Each Athlete will stay in this designated area during the lesson.

Coaches must wear a mask during instruction.

Sanitizing stations are set up at the entrances and exits of gym, restrooms, and around the floors in the gym

We encourage athletes to wear masks if possible.

Athletes & Staff must stay home if they are sick or symptoms are present or if any family member within their home has symptoms.

Staff temperature will be taken before entry to the building is allowed each day

Each night the gyms will be fogged for a full disinfect on top of cleaning.

We want to thank you for being part of our ACE family and we appreciate your continued support during this time. We cannot wait to see you back in the gym! Stay healthy & safe!