You must have an active debit or credit card on file to register with ACE of Huntsville. If not then you will not be able to attend classes or practices. Once you submit your registration you will be charged for the next class you register for. Please do not register until you know you will be attending class.

If you wish to cancel a class, please email Cammy at 30 days prior to canceling the class.

All members must pay a $30.00 annual registration fee.

If you are already a member of ACE of Huntsville please login to parent portal to add or register for a new class.

Open Tumbling or Stunting
$10 each visit / All Star Members Free
  • Tumbling or Stunting is designed for you to work on your skills in a non class setting.
  • We will have staff on hand for help with skills you are working on. Staff will work with athletes but please note you may or may not have the same type of hands on instruction as you would in our class program.
  • If you plan to attend you must enroll online prior to attending. If not you will not be allowed to attend that session.
  • Your account will not be charged a monthly fee for enrolling.
  • All payments are to be made in person during each class. Cash or Check. We will not be running accounts for Open Tumbling & Stunting.
Summer Camps
ACE All-Star Tryouts 2018-2019
Tribe All-Star Training
Come Train with the Tribe!
  • These classes are desgined to help your athlete get ready to be apart of the ACE Tribes All-Star program for the 2018-2019 Season
Super Hero Training

$60 a month. Boys only.

What's not to love about superheroes? Strength, smarts, super powers, the ability to conquer an obstacle course in the blink of an eye! This class is rooted in gymnastics skills and social development. Activities will include flying practice, rescue academy, Ninja Training, obstacle courses, and basic tumbling. Come be a superhero while learning tumbling basics, increase strength & coordination while having FUN!

Introduction to Tumbling Ages 3-9
Level 1 Tumbling
Level 2 Tumbling
Level 3 Tumbling
Level 4 Tumbling
Level 4/5 Tumbling

$60 a month

Pre Req & Tumbling Guide

This class is Level 4/Level 5 put together. Your athlete will work the skills that apply to them.

Level 5 Tumbling
Stunt Class

$80 a month

Stunt Class: This class will work basic and advanced group stunting skills. Class will involve stunting, stretching, and level 2-5 all-star baskets skills.

Tuck and Back Handspring

$60 a month

Back Handspring: Focus on everything needed to get a running or standing back handspring from drills and exercises to spots by a coach. Must have a cartwheel, handstand & backbend.

Tuck: For any athlete looking to learn or perfect their standing or running tuck. Must have standing and running series back handsprings.

School Team Training
Flex and Conditioning

$60 a month

This class will work to increase flexibility, strength, consistency and body control.

Cheer Tryout Prep Class

$60 a month

Will work cleaning tumbling, motions, jumps, cheers for school team tryouts.

Individual Tumbling Lessons

Individual Tumbling Lessons: Max 2 athletes in lesson. $30 per 30 min for athletes currently taking classes at ACE. Those not enrolled in a class will be charged $45 per lesson

This is a class to post your yearly $30 registration fee for those only taking private lessons at the gym. For those not enrolled in classes, school teams, or all-star teams individual lessons are $45 for 30 minutes. For all members private lessons are $30 for 30 minutes. If you have any questions please call the office at 256-542-9088 or email Cammy Ammirati.

If you have already paid the $30 registration fee for this year you will not be billed again. Enrolling in this class does NOT set up a lesson. To schedule a lesson you will need to contact the coach directly.