ACE All-Star Team TRYOUTS! 2018

ACE All-Star Team Tryouts!

May 8-9-10 & May 15-16-17 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Please go to Classes to register for Tryouts. All enrolled prior to May 1st will not be changed a tryout fee. Also you will be the first to get all updates on tryouts before they go live on our website.

This season we are looking for athletes of all skill levels to fill our teams.

Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3 - Level 4 - Level 5 teams will all have openings for athletes!!

We also have many different option for teams and cost. This season our total team cost starts as low as $350!!!!

No matter what skill your athlete has we will have a team for them!

All athletes 11 years old and older as of August 31 2018 will need to attend at least 2 of the 6 tryout dates. Athletes 10 years old as of August 31 2018 and younger will only need to attend one tryout date. Once athletes 10 years old and under are evaluated they will be released. All athletes are welcome to attend as many tryout dates as they would like though.


Your athlete will need to complete the video they can perform the best at tryouts.

If your athletes has any other skills in a higher level video they can show us once they have completed their highest level video.

Example: Your athlete has a standing back tuck but does not have any other level 4 video skills. They will tryout with the level 3 video then after show us their standing back tuck.

Please note all skills need to be performed with great technique.

2018-2019 ACE All-Star Teams & Skills List (CLICK BELOW)


ACE All-Star New Team Types

Elite Club Teams - This is the normal full year/full travel teams as the past.

International Teams- This is the same as full year/full travel but the age grid is different. At competitions you may compete against other teams from other countries at your larger events.

Prep Teams- This will be a shorter commitment for the season and we will attend mostly one day events and one 2 day over night event in close driving distance. These teams will be as competitive as our Elite & International teams with out the year long commitment.

Novice Teams- This will be a shorter commitment for the season and will only attend close 1 day events.

Fundamental Teams- These teams will not travel. This is mainly for younger athletes that want to try out for all-star cheerleading for the first time. They will practice as a team, learn a routine and perform in house at a parent showcase.