2020-2021 All-Star Information


We hope you are as excited for the 20-21 all-star season as we are. Below is some information about how we will be running this season's tryout.

All-Star tryouts will now be spread out over the month of June and then into July if needed. Athletes will be split into all star practice groups based on age, team type, goal level you select, and what skills you were working on prior to Covid-19. We will run these practices for the month of June and then make a split into teams at the end of June based on the performance of the athletes during practices. We will continue this process if needed for the month of July until we feel we have given enough time for your athletes to get back any skills lost or to get any skills they were in the process of obtaining prior to all of this. We will be giving all athletes the time to prove that they can be on the level team they have the skills for. We know it’s a stressful time so we want out athletes to not be stressed in coming back and having to tryout for the team they wish to make with no practice. Now they can start where they feel they should be and continue to train to get back any lost skills or perfect the skills they almost had.

Once you sign up and fill out your paperwork you are an ACE All-Star!! You will receive an ACE T-Shirt and an “I’m an ACE All-Star” yard sign. We will schedule pick up times for these once they arrive. Your E-Sign contracts will be available tomorrow May 5th at aceofhuntsville.com. You will need to fill this out and submit it. Once you have done this we can start placing your athlete in a group.

Please note that our contracts do not go into effect until July 1st this season. If at any time before then you wish to not be an ACE All-Star then you can drop the team and will receive any items paid for and there will be NO future charges. If you have any credits on account for tuition you will receive a credit for classes for the remainder of June.

1. Register for ACE All-Star Tryouts 20-21
2. Read over all handbooks and complete the (2020-2021 Financial Obligation & Contact) ESIGN form.

All handbooks are posted at the top of the page.

Financial Obligation & Contract will be available to sign May 5th.


Have Questions?

1Do I need experance to become and ACE All-Star?
No, we have teams for all skills levels at ACE. Teams from no experance to the most elite level. Your athlete will compete on a team with other athletes with the same skills level and compete at competitions against the same skill leveled teams.
2Are tumbling classes included when I become and ACE All-Star?
Yes, All ACE All-Stars get a tumbling class included. You will pick this class time and attend and level up through the year in the class. We also add other free classes for you through out the year.
3What is the cost to become an ACE All-Star?
If you look in the Finanical Obligations & Contract Handbook you will see the total cost to become and ACE All-Star. Depending on the team type you are on will determine the cost. Also, if you are a returning ACE All-Star your price will be much cheaper becasue you will not need a new uniform or warmup suit.
4I cheer for my school, can I do both?
Yes, we work very close with many schools in the area. Many actually attend ACE to train. We make sure to work with your school schedule. We also give a $1,375 discount on your ACE All-Star account to any athlete that is cheering for a school that currently trains with ACE.